Forward BPM

Business Process Management

Purpose of the system

Forward BPM system —is a software solution for automating enterprise business processes. Automation of business processes through an order system allows you to flexibly shape the content and stages for each customer. When performing these operations, documents of a certain type can be generated (for example, bills, invoices, work orders, etc.), subscriber services can be connected and disconnected, and the internal parameters of the system can be changed. Order Builder allows you to design a chain of movements for any business process of an enterprise. The two main components of Forward BPM are the Docflow and Workflow systems.


Possibility of document routing between executors in accordance with predetermined requirements, with the ability to customize control of specified KPIs. In this case, a change occurs in the stage of the document life cycle depending on its current position in the route.


A mechanism for transferring instructions from one participant to another in accordance with a predetermined route. At the same time, along with the order, related documents can also be transmitted. An assignment is actually a document containing information about the work that needs to be done.


Business process constructor

This tool allows you to independently create business processes of any complexity and structure. At the same time, the system can both use the data accumulated in billing and also apply for information to external sources. The user can configure the rules for applying validations to various design elements.

Ready-made business processes library

As part of the delivery of the system, the client is granted access to a library of ready-made business processes that currently includes more than 100 ready-made cases. Most of our customers choose ready-made processes and adapt them to the needs of their business.

KPI business process execution

In the system, it is possible to add control of various KPIs on order status. These can be such parameters as control over the execution time of a particular stage of the business process and the formation of the corresponding message if it is exceeded by users above a specified parameter.


With this tool, the client can monitor all the relevant business process metrics in real time. With the help of Dashboard, an employee of a client responsible for the quality of business processes performs periodic monitoring and, if necessary, intervenes in the process.

Customizable interface

The constructor used when customizing the interface part allows you to add arbitrary parameters and directories, thereby adapting the system to constantly changing market requirements. It is also possible to attach printed forms of documents to any order status.


Since the work of almost any IT system in the modern world occurs in close cooperation with other systems within the IT landscape. Forward BPM offers customers unlimited integration options due to its open structure and constantly evolving API.


On the application map of a modern telecom operator, “Forward BPM” occupies, as a rule, a central position and is actively used to build business processes of the operator, and a flexible integration interface allows you to organize high-quality interfaces with other systems (CRM, Billing, ServiceDesk, technical accounting, financial system and etc.).

The important point is the high performance of systems of this level, the ability of the system to perform a large number of processes at the same time without losing the declared speed is important. Also, a prerequisite for the use of these systems is the logging of actions and the possibility of convenient further processing of this information, for user training and for optimizing complex processes. The latter is simply necessary when the task is to perform business processes at the stated KPI.

In a number of projects, the “bus” function falls on Forward BPM and the system has to interact with the entire IT environment used in the company. In this case, the order may automatically apply to various external systems for obtaining the necessary information to proceed to the next stage of processing. Based on the results of these orders, the so-called "cross-cutting" business processes are obtained.

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