Forward DWH

Data Warehouse

Purpose of the system

The area of application of the Forward DWH analytical data warehouse is large and medium telecom operators, the banking sector, large corporate clients (accounting and optimization of consumed services). That is, all those companies that are faced with the task of collecting, processing and analyzing large amounts of information, building reports or providing this information for subsequent processing in BI systems.

Forward DWH allows you to perform intelligent analysis of huge amounts of data, quickly generate aggregated reports, effectively solve the problem of correlating heterogeneous data, reduce the burden of requests for transactional systems, expand data accounting structures caused by various changes in the organizational structure of the company.

Nowadays, more than ever, high-quality and flexible reporting tools are required. Companies need an architecture that makes it possible to efficiently use data to make complex decisions. And, despite the wide choice of tools, the most reliable way to achieve this goal is to implement a data warehouse.

Solvable tasks

  • Collect and structure data from various sources
  • Ability to process and aggregate the collected data
  • Data processing by specified algorithms
  • Formation of data marts for external BI tools
  • Formation of complex analytical and marketing reports
  • Setting up automatic control of changes in key indicators
  • Ability to independently develop the necessary reporting forms
  • Library of ready carrier reporting templates


Object orientation

The information in Forward DWH is focused on decision support tasks. This information is used in aggregated form to build a client’s “profile” and allows other systems to make decisions on the provision of certain services to this client.

Minimizing information redundancy

The system allows you to filter service and other information that is not directly related to the parameters of the "profile" of the client, and leave only the information that is really taken into account PC, eShop, RTM. As a rule, the set of such "important" parameters rarely amounts to more than 40 units.

Data integration

The data in the information repository comes from various sources, where they can have different names, attributes, units of measurement and methods of encoding. After loading into Forward DWH, the data is cleared of individual attributes, i.e. as if brought to a common denominator.

Invariance in time

The temporal invariance of data in Forward DWH is achieved by fixing the time attributes in relation to the data entering the system. As a result, entries in Forward DWH are nuggets of data taken at specific time intervals. This opportunity makes their further processing more convenient.

System architecture

The data warehouse building approach used in Forward DWH to integrate heterogeneous data sources is fundamentally different from the dynamic integration approach of heterogeneous databases. The main idea of building a full-fledged repository, data management in which occurs according to different rules than in the original operational database.

Integration of separated detailed data (detailed in the sense that they describe some specific facts, properties, events, etc.) in a single repository. During the integration process, the matching of the disaggregated detailed data and, possibly, their aggregation should be performed. Data can come from a repository of historical information, operational databases (CRM, Billing, Service Desk, Inventory, etc.), external sources.

According to the results of processing, Forward DWH lays out the data on the “shop-windows”. A showcase is a set of axes and data for their subsequent processing by BI means. Using BI tools allows you to add columns to the report from the axes of shop windows in real time, so the client builds the visual report forms and randomly changes their format. Access to storefronts from external systems (a database that differs from Oracle) is provided both by standard database tools (Oracle Database Gateway) and special proxy layers (ODBC / JDBC), depending on the capabilities and wishes of the client. Normally, Forward DWH includes a tool for building and displaying reports. This tool can be used in conjunction with complex BI systems.

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