Forward Interconnect

Telecom Interconnect Billing System

Purpose of the system

The Forward Interconnect Automated Inter-Operator Settlement Management System is designed to automate the settlement processes between telecom operators of various sizes. The system is a serious tool for building a comprehensive set of inter-operator reporting with both upstream and downstream operators. The use of “Forward IC” allows a modern telecom operator to conduct flexible and high-quality mutual settlements with its partners, to form competitive market offers. The flexible integration interface allows you to organize high-quality interfaces with external reporting systems used by the operator.



The system allows for the addition and customization of flexible charging rules at any time, with the date of making changes in case of retarification. All changes in the system are stored with their execution history.


The ability to roll back all completed processes, re-invoicing for the period, taking into account the refinements and changes. Thus, the system allows you to perform a full retarification based on the data obtained at the preliminary stage.


To facilitate the execution of the processes of loading and reconfiguration of matrices using a specialized interface that allows you to perform this process in the mode of mass processing. This feature greatly facilitates the process of loading nets.

Margin Calculation

The system allows, based on the accumulated statistical information on the volume of calls made and their cost characteristics, to perform a statistical analysis of these data, based on this analysis, the company can see the profitability of the directions used.

System architecture

Forward Interconnect is a standalone system that uses a separate instance of the DBMS. Since such systems have to deal with large amounts of data, the processes of these systems are focused on mass data processing in multi-threaded modes. Additional convenience of working with the system - the ability to repeatedly perform the operation of binding and rebinding loaded traffic, iterative work on pricing and performing reconciliations, tools for finding and eliminating discrepancies. The system has the ability to invoice both independently and by downloading all the necessary data to an external system.

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