Forward PC

Product Catalog System

The purpose of the system

Forward PC (Product Catalog) is a single point of preparation and configuration of the company's offers provided to customers and subsequently charged in the Forward Billing system. The system allows to significantly simplify and accelerate the preparation and launch of new offers on the market, the formation of new packages and marketing campaigns.

The area of application of the centralized information storage for Forward Product Catalog products and services are companies that actively use various marketing programs to attract and retain customers. These could be telecom operators, banks, insurance companies, marketplaces, etc. Also this list may include companies that sell services of third parties, offering them as part of their package offers and leading independent mutual settlements with customers.

Solvable tasks


It allows the company to more flexibly shape the sales and cross-sales policy of the services provided by it and its partners and increase its own profit. Work with the nomenclature of services becomes convenient and understandable for the user.


Minimizes enterprise costs for the formation, testing, preparation for sales of new proposals in the system. Provides marketing services with an intuitive interface that allows you to consistently perform all stages of the proposal.


Allows you to make a convenient binding of prepared proposals for various client segments prepared in Forward DWH. Subsequently, this enables the company to transparently and simply take into account its own profit in the context of the corresponding segmentation.


Creation and maintenance of modern convergent market offers, which gives the company the opportunity to expand the possibilities of providing services regardless of the rules for recording services in the system.


Establishment of services

The system provides a convenient and intuitive interface for setting up the tree of the provided services of unlimited nesting. Also, for clarity, the system provides a tree-like display of the hierarchy of services and the ability to add certain services to the products being developed with the inheritance of all their parameters.

Adding Parameters

If in the process of providing services the client needed to expand the set of service parameters or any other system entity, there is a regular mechanism for adding parameters. Parameters can be either reference, textual with a customizable validation mechanism, or calculated (filled in by individual processes).

Step setting

Step setting is phased development of new stocks or offers. The work begins at the marketing level and includes the assembly of the structure of the new product, then the work is carried out at the billing level (setting the necessary charging rules for the new product) and completes everything at the service level (command binding).

Accessibility setting

Each offer is configured conditions of availability and compatibility of this offer for different categories of customers of their segments and "profiles". This feature allows you to exclude the offer of services to the client, contrary to logic and its customer experience. Setting accessibility also avoids the cannibalization of its own database.

Offer priority

The system has the ability to customize the priority of bringing products and promotions created in the Forward PC to the showcase. This setting allows you to streamline the "showcase" and bring to the first positions those proposals which promotion is currently the most significant for the company.

Integration into the IT landscape

Using Forward PC in the infrastructure of a modern operator allows the company to perform the mapping of heterogeneous services that are serviced in different accounting systems (billings or ERP) and prepare a converged offer window for further display in the CRM system or self-service portal.

System architecture

Forward Product Catalog is built on the principle of division into three logical levels: marketing level, billing level, service level and base level. Logical separation is dictated by the need to work in the Product Catalog of employees from different departments, who, in turn, operate with their own level of data. Consider each level in more detail:

Marketing level

The marketing level contains tools for building offers and realizes in itself many possibilities for allowing or restricting access to certain products of subscribers in different segments.

There is a flexible option to customize the company's product line. Each product includes a set of basic and additional services provided to the subscriber.

Each additional service may be mandatory, available for the subscriber and activated by default, available for the subscriber and not activated by default.

Billing level

The billing level contains a set of objects with the help of which the flexible mechanisms for the provision of offers (products, services, additional services) incorporated at the marketing level are implemented in the pricing model of the system.

Any marketing proposal, regardless of the level of its provision (product, service, additional service) must be projected on the billing level objects, among which the following types should be distinguished:

  • Balances
  • Calendar
  • Tariff
  • Activity
  • Recurring charges
  • One-time charges
  • Accumulators
  • Bonus
  • Discounts
  • Special Services

Service/base level

At this level, the action or offer is configured in terms of executing all the necessary commands on switching equipment or in external IT systems.

These levels are based on technical aspects and all the necessary parameters, they are integrated into a common IT scheme for the physical implementation of the proposals.

The result of performing actions performed at this level is the inclusion of additional services on equipment, changing profiles and individual parameters, changing tariff plans, etc.

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