Forward SCD

Smart Control of Distribution

Purpose of the system

The Forward SCD system is designed to automate the distribution network of companies and their partners, it will allow you to keep track of inventory and organize monitoring of the movement of equipment through partner warehouses. Control is carried out from the moment the goods are credited at the central warehouse and shipped to the final consumer. The system also allows you to organize the work of service departments of the company, both own and partner.

The system allows you to organize the assembly of sets of equipment from individual components with the assignment of the final set of a serial number, which will be further recorded. Conducting serial accounting of equipment installed to the subscriber allows its subsequent service and warranty repair, as well as to make the replacement of individual components as part of the maintenance of the final set.

Solvable tasks

  • Collection and structuring of equipment data from various sources;
  • Ability to process and analyze the collected data;
  • Analysis by specified algorithms, decision making by the logistics group;
  • Control of the movement of equipment between the operator and dealers;
  • Formation of documents for traffic control (invoices, acts);
  • Formation of “shop-windows” for processing by external BI-means;
  • Formation of complex analytical and marketing reports;
  • Setting up automatic control of changes in equipment residues;
  • Ability to independently develop the necessary reporting forms;
  • Data upload for further processing in external systems.


Work with equipment

Work with the equipment in the system begins either with the loading of the finished set, or with the formation of it from the previously loaded components. The system takes into account all further movements of this equipment before binding it to the end user.

Remainder control

This mechanism is actively used both in its own network and in partner networks, it allows you to inform the manager in a timely manner and not allow changes or shortages of goods. Remainders are monitored in real time.

Work with partners

The system allows you to organize a flexible and multi-level accounting system of partners' outlets and provides them with all the necessary tools for planning purchases, placing and coordinating orders for new batches, documenting.


The system supports all types of reporting, from the formation of bills of lading and acts of write-off, to complex analytical reports showing the current filling of warehouses and forecasting the volume of future procurement required.

System architecture

The Forward SCD system is a centralized tool for accounting of components and complete sets of equipment, analysis and planning of logistics, monitoring the movement of equipment, both in the operator’s internal warehouses and in the warehouses of its partners, informing partners of new products, conducting marketing campaigns. If necessary, the system is integrated with warehouse systems used by the client to automatically synchronize remainders.

For partners, this system is a universal tool for accounting and distribution among the sub-partners of the received equipment, receiving and processing applications for installation or service received from the company, and registering with the head company of new end users. The partner receives these opportunities by working in the partner’s personal account. Important for the convenience of working with the system are such properties as:

  • Download equipment information with serial number
  • Formation of a copy of equipment, history of its movement
  • Fixing partner actions with a piece of equipment
  • Display information about current balances in the partner's warehouses
  • Display of comparative dynamics of changes in equipment remainders
  • Distribution of equipment by a partner between its sub-partners
  • Inventory of equipment located at partner
  • Customizable notification of partners for specified events in the system

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