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Service Provisioning

The purpose of the system

The Forward SP Equipment Management System (Service Provisioning) is an intermediate platform between the Automated Payment System (hereinafter APS) and switching equipment used on the operator’s network. The main purpose of this system is to organize the effective interaction of APS and switching equipment when the state of services or subscriber access parameters changes.

The use of Forward Service Provisioning will be as useful as possible for telecom operators who want a fast and reliable system for providing services to clients. The system supports cluster scaling and is actively used on distributed networks of large federal and regional operators.

Subscribers loyalty is the result of quality service

  • Check the correctness of command execution on switching equipment
  • Subscribers logging
  • Improving the performance of technical services
  • Reduced service time in the support department and call center

Prompt response - no receivables

  • Ability to execute pre-scheduled mass management commands
  • Connecting and disconnecting services in real time
  • Functions of monitoring the execution of commands on the final equipment
  • Complex composite commands with customizable logic for their execution


Command testing

The system allows you to perform preliminary testing of the execution of commands on the switching equipment and perform all debugging procedures and tests.

Plug-in library

Currently, the library of plug-ins includes more than 200 items, including both the equipment of well-known vendors and our various project developments.


The system allows you to configure automatic monitoring of all important processes and monitor both their current performance and the results of their work.


The system has the ability to configure the necessary checks, the algorithm of actions of the system in case of an emergency failure or equipment failure to execute a particular command.

Distributed network

The system has proven itself well on distributed networks of large operators as an industrial fault-tolerant solution that supports distributed architecture.

Plug-in development

The customer can independently supplement the library of already existing plug-ins and thereby expand the functionality of the system without recourse to the vendor.

System architecture

Forward SP has a modern "thin" interface, built on advanced technologies. This fact allows the user to configure the user interface ergonomically and functionally for the range of operational tasks that it solves. The Forward SP interface is fully customizable and allows you to subsequently perform all of its settings by the experts of the operator.

Various system layout schemes help ensure high system resiliency and avoid the loss of control commands associated with failures of individual components.

The final choice of the solution design scheme is worked out with the customer in each project individually and is approved depending on the capabilities and wishes of the Customer. This takes into account a whole range of conditions: the specifics of the operator’s activities, the equipment fleet he has, the systems used and their capabilities, the amount of commands sent, the qualifications of the attendants, etc. The system contains several functional blocks, among which are:

Command receiving block

Used to receive control commands from external information systems, for example, billing, inventory systems, integration bus or CRM systems.

Command usage block

Used to execute control commands on a specific piece of equipment. A distributed scheme of work with remotes to the regions is supported.
These capabilities allow you to build a comprehensive, geographically distributed solution with a central hub and the removal of individual elements in geographically distant points (branches of the company). Thereby, the resiliency of this model of service provision is significantly increased.

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