Forward SQM

Service Quality Management

The purpose of the system

The Forward SQM system allows you to monitor the implementation of service level agreements (SLA, Service Level Agreement) through end-to-end management and control of various indicators of quality of service.

The increase in network bandwidth and the complexity of the combined services provided set new serious challenges for telecom operators. Convergent services, multiservice networks, package marketing offers increase the complexity of maintaining a guaranteed level of quality. Serious competition in these conditions is becoming increasingly difficult. In addition to the marketing tasks of attracting new customers, the task of retaining existing customers comes to the fore through effective management of the quality of service delivery.

The Forward SQM product can act as part of a complete Forward solution, as well as a separate product. It allows modern telecoms operators to provide end-to-end quality management of service delivery - from the level of network resources to subscriber services. Additional opportunities to prioritize incidents make it possible to eliminate the most important problems as soon as possible, as well as assess potential risks and threats and conduct proactive management of customer service quality.



The system allows to improve the quality of customer service, ensuring high service availability. Control the level of quality of the service provided, find and analyze the causes of accidents leading to its degradation.


The system allows you to prevent SLA violations through centralized management of service quality and proactively addressing threats of violations of the stated indicators. Automatic removal of possible violations on dashboards and auto-informing.


The system allows you to maximize the efficiency of service control services through convenient and customizable visual interfaces to monitor critical data (graphs, charts, traffic lights, auto-informing).


The system will significantly reduce operating costs through the timely detection of violations and threats of SLA, automated prioritization of incidents and focus on solving the most important of them.

System Architecture

KPI Manager

This block allows you to collect separate data from integrated systems on individual aspects of service quality - the performance of individual elements, incidents, etc. In the course of processing, filtering and preliminary processing of the necessary data, their validation and scaling of individual indicators are carried out for the convenience of their graphic display and the use of a single control mechanism. The display of the main indicators is made in the form of dashboard components.

SLA Manager

The SLA manager allows you to maintain a catalog of agreements on the level of service, to maintain the declared performance indicators with which actual values will be compared. In the same block, identification of SLA violations or threats of their violation takes place. The notification and reporting unit manages reports on performance deterioration, incidents, and other violations of the allowed KPI ranges, and also sends timely notifications to responsible persons via customized communication channels.

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