Forward WFM

Workforce Management System

The purpose of the system

Forward WFM (Workforce Management) – a tool for managing your own and third-party human resources, for example, independent installers or individual teams. The system is needed for planning human resources in relation to the company's business processes, further monitoring the implementation of assigned tasks, processing and promptly adjusting planned tasks.

This system can be used both to control and manage the company's own resources, as well as the resources of independent contractors. The work begins with the unification and typification of the attracted resources and ends with the monitoring of the implementation of the declared KPIs by them. Forward WFM gives our Customers the opportunity to create an effective human resources management structure.

Solvable tasks


The system allows you to monitor the effectiveness of existing business processes through the introduction and automatic control of KPI. If the value deviates from the configured KPI, the system generates an automatic notification to the head of the department.


The system has the ability to perform typing of performers, both individuals and teams. The system allows grouping them according to various parameters (skill level, types of work performed, territorial location, etc.).

Adjuster’s Interface

For fixing the fact of performance of work in the field (customer’s address), the system provides the adjuster’s mobile interface that allows him to record the fact of connecting or repairing equipment and consumables expended on work.


To fulfill the SLA stated to the client (connection within 1 day), it is necessary to clearly monitor the timely execution of all phases of work, from planning the installation time, issuing team work orders, obtaining equipment, and fixing the work results.



The system allows you to keep track of resources in the context of both individual employees, and combining them into teams. It is possible to bind various additional parameters to each resource, allowing them to be typed and various groupings.

Work schedule

According to the results of work planning, each adjuster or foreman will receive a visual work plan. This happens either in the form of issuing a set of orders, or as a list of tasks in the adjuster's interface. Upon completion of these works, he puts down her status.

Task control

Control of tasks performed is carried out both automatically by configured KPIs and in manual mode by the immediate supervisor; for this, the system uses color marking of tasks for which violation of the declared SLA is possible.

Calendar plan

The system provides a flexible resource planning interface that takes into account the binding of objects, availability of free resources and declared SLAs. In the case of force majeure, the system allows for automatic or manual re-planning of resources.

Forming a work order

Formation of work orders occurs automatically with grouping by performers. The outfits provided to the contractor carry all the information necessary to fulfill the order (address, customer notes, etc.).

KPI control

Monitoring the timely execution of tasks is based on the specified KPI. In case of their violation, the system will notify the interested employees, which allows to intervene in time and correct the situation before the violation of the declared SLA.

System architecture

The use of Forward WFM provides the company with continuous monitoring and optimization of the cost of using the available or attracted resources required to complete the company's tasks. From a global architecture point of view, the system works closely with Forward BPM and is usually tied to the company's current business processes. However, the system can be used separately in integration with the external IT environment of the client.

Forward WFM receives input tasks for installation or service repair coming from a CRM, BPM or SD company, performs the necessary planning of free resources and generates the necessary set of documents for the execution of works and receiving a team of consumables. To do this, the system makes a request to the warehouse system for the availability of the required amount of these materials.

For fixation by the adjuster of the results of work at the client’s facility, the corresponding mobile application is often used. Fixed as a place (geolocation) and the time of service, and important to speed up the business process connection parameters. After performing the work and fixing the result, the system transfers the task to the BPM system for its further implementation by various services of the company.

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