In our work, we often encounter the fact that our clients often need a look at their problems from the side or a fresh look at the strategies used in the company for working with clients. It’s not always possible for a client to articulate his wishes clearly, and at such times he needs the help of experienced specialists who are ready to listen to his wishes and clearly demonstrate what the solution will look like. Typically, these issues arise in the field of sales, marketing activities, building an affiliate network, the development of remote service channels. Years of experience and honest relationships with our Customers have allowed us to gather a huge amount of knowledge in our Center of Competence.

And now we are ready to share our knowledge and expertise with market participants as part of our comprehensive consulting services.

Strategic consulting

What is strategic consulting for? In order for the information system of the enterprise to be ready for growth, scaling in accordance with the company's business strategy.

Strategic consulting will tell you which IT-solutions help to improve the business, and which only inhibit its work. Since we are actively involved in the development of our customers, we constantly analyze how certain innovations affect their activities, as a result, we know the industry development trends, and we can diagnose the most vulnerable elements of the company's infrastructure within the framework of strategic consulting.

Technical consulting

To reduce the risk of disruption of projects for the integration of software and hardware with our customers, we provide a technical consulting service.

Technical consulting helps to be confident in the functional characteristics of the whole complex of software and hardware, the absence of conflicts in their work and technological compatibility. At the end, after consulting and a cycle of work to optimize key components, customers receive a significant increase in productivity, the correct integration of various information and infrastructure subsystems.

Audit of IT solutions of the Customer

The service helps to assess the quality of the IP complex existing at the Customer, to find growth points and bottlenecks, to develop recommendations for upgrading and restructuring the IP.

Audit includes:

  • Validation of the business requirements of the Customer’s enterprise.
  • Typing of business tasks and processes in the context of IT.
  • Alignment of business requirements with methodology
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the customer's IT infrastructure
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of IT - strategy and compliance with the objectives of the company
  • Examination of the effectiveness of the use of current IT solutions

Project consulting

This service includes a set of measures for searching and fixing hypothetical options for the development of IT infrastructure, choosing the best set of solutions for integrating them into the current structure and calculating the cost of owning them.

Project consulting has incorporated:

  • Document management - collection of requirements, technical specifications.
  • Market overview and help in choosing a specific solution.
  • Project management by international methodologies.
  • Study the risks of projects and recommendations for reducing them.
  • Administration of the project, monitoring the execution of the project plan.
  • Summing up, presentation of project results.

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