The introduction of new information systems in the enterprise is always associated with certain changes in the work of the end specialists who use them. Our training center will help smooth the transition to a new platform and master all its capabilities to perfection.

We offer an integrated approach to training, which guarantees the possibility of operation, administration and internal support of products. As part of the training, both theoretical and practical classes are conducted, the purpose of which is to form the necessary knowledge and practical skills of using the system by the users.

The training is preceded by the planning stage of user training, which includes the preparation of a user training plan and the coordination of this plan with the customer. This is due to the fact that employees involved in the training process, as a rule, have basic duties and at the time of the training they will have to be performed by other employees.

The next significant step is the preparation of the necessary teaching materials, used both in the process of conducting training and after its completion as teaching aids and brief instructions. When developing these documents, the roles of users and the business processes they perform are taken into account.

Training programs

Designed for different categories of students
These employees are actively involved in setting up and configuring the system during the implementation phase and its subsequent operation.
System users
As a rule, these are employees of various departments of the company who work with the system, the functions performed by these employees are usually limited to their role.
Corporate trainers
The training of these specialists is carried out if it is necessary to train a large number of personnel in a geographically distributed company by the forces of the customer himself.
Partner employees
The training program for these specialists is aimed at quick and sufficiently deep mastering of all the basic capabilities of the systems for their subsequent implementation.

Our principles:

1. Careful study of the specialization of the Customer’s business, possible nuances in the technology of its work for maximum satisfaction of the customer’s requirements.
2. Development of a learning strategy, which includes the formation of types of study groups, the grouping of tasks, the development of a step-by-step curriculum.
3. Preparation of training and presentation materials, user manuals, video tutorials, industry manuals and other tutorials.
An integrated approach to training includes theoretical and practical material, the development of regular business scenarios and possible modeling of abnormal situations. If necessary, we make adjustments to our training programs and handouts, taking into account the specialization and peculiarities of the Customer’s business processes. We strive to prepare the Customer’s specialists as well as possible in order to minimize user and administrator errors during the operation of the system and thereby ensure a smooth transition from the old system to the new one.

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