Automation of management of the partner network
"Satellite TV MTS"

Project datails

Customer name

Satellite MTS company


Distribution Management

Date of completion

December 2016

In 2016, Forward-Telecom won a tender for the automation of business processes of Satellite TV MTS in cooperation with regional dealers and sellers. The Forward products proposed under this project (SCD - Smart Control Distribution and PRM - Partner Relationship Management) ensured complete control over the sales cycle: from assembling the sets to entering customer data through the dealers' personal accounts in the system.

With the help of PRM and SCD systems, interesting schemes were implemented and the nuances of work were taken into account - for example, types of equipment transfer to a dealer. Depending on whether the partner took the equipment for rent, by installments, for sale or purchased immediately, the accounting parameters differ. The work of the service bureau, which some dealers have, is also taken into account. During the reception of equipment for repair, the system will show whether the case is warranty - this is monitored by taking into account the equipment installation dates. Another program provides for the sale of repaired and used equipment at a reduced price, and in the case of marriage - the return of equipment to the manufacturer.

The process of working

Project task

To control 5000 dealers!
To launch the system in a short time and integrate it with MTS information systems. The use by the client of an integrated system should ensure for satellite TV MTS the real-time control of equipment needs of the partners, as well as ensure the dynamic routing of incoming installation orders and control of the results of their execution. The convenience of working in a partner’s personal account is designed to increase the dealers ’loyalty towards the operator and help establish long-term mutually beneficial relations between the operator and contractors.

Project plan

Parallel launch of frontend and backend!

The task of planning this project was to synchronize the work on the preparation and simultaneous launch of the front-end and back-end parts.

Operator managers work in the back office part of the implemented program: they download information on the availability and turnover of equipment, make shipments on the orders of partners. The system keeps records of the warehouses of the entire structure of dealers - from large regional suppliers to small outlets. Here is the processing of applications for installation of equipment received from customers in a centralized contact center. The system itself selects the optimal dealer for performing work on a territorial basis, place in the rating and current workload, which reduces the processing time of applications by almost one third.

Partners work in the front office: they accept or reject applications, create requests for equipment, record the fact of connection or repair. In the personal account, the dealer asks for additional information, regularly receives notifications about promotions and updates. In the same place, partners track the balances in their warehouses, see the list of their sub-dealers and get new customers, then this information is automatically distributed to all relevant operator IT systems.


The presented solution not only provides a full-fledged connection between the operator and the dealer, but also automates part of the dealer’s business processes. All information is collected in one place and is always up to date, the documentation necessary for servicing subscribers is easily accessible, and the dealer can get to your personal account at any time and any place.

“This is one of our first projects carried out using Agile technology,” says Sergey Saprykin, General Director of Forward-Telecom. - We managed in the shortest possible time not only to deploy our systems, but also to do several integration with the client software. It was necessary to set up correct operation with the customer's ERP system, FORIS billing and the SAS analytical system. When putting the system into operation, our solution passed several serious tests for the information security of MTS, which confirmed its high level of protection.

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