Forward TI

Traffic Integrator

Purpose of the system

Forward TI (Traffic Integrator) is a system for collecting, preparing, filtering, unifying and enriching traffic. By traffic is meant information that reflects the consumption of certain services by customers. The area of application of the Forward TI pre-billing system is the carrier companies (CDR), the banking sector (transactions), energy / utilities (meter data), etc. mutual settlements with subscribers.

The system supports a large set of rules that allow both weeding out superfluous or service traffic, and enriching the data with various additional information necessary for further processing (put down charging zones, tags of belonging to one group or another, etc.).

Solvable tasks

Statistics collection

The system allows to collect and transport traffic from geographically distributed operator collection points. The system supports a huge number of traffic formats as a telephone, and data transfer, forming a library.

Traffic aggregation

This feature is relevant in cases where traffic is collected in the most detailed format, as a rule, such detailing is not required for charging, and in this case traffic must be aggregated to the required size.

Traffic unification

This task arises when the format of the collected traffic does not allow its prompt analysis and rating, in which case the traffic is reduced to the proper format, and very often it is enriched with information necessary for rating.


Data type of traffic is used when performing settlements between roaming partners. The system generates TAP files based on information received from the switching equipment for subsequent submission to their partner.


Collecting and processing statistics

The system allows for the correct collection and processing of statistics collected from devices of different manufacturers (which, as a rule, are located at geographically distributed nodes of the operator’s company).

Data filtering

In the input data there is a lot of service information, there are also CDRs with errors that can not be correctly processed later, as well as duplicate records. Filtering validates data and discards incorrect and untargeted records.

Data aggregation

The system allows you to aggregate several records of one subscriber into one in order to obtain correct statistics (for example, after splitting a long call into several records) or to reduce the total volume of traffic (aggregation of Internet statistics to a custom time interval).

System administration

The system has ample opportunities for installation and configuration of sets for collecting and processing statistics, as well as monitoring their condition using the system interface installed in the central node. All interfaces are built using thin client technology and do not require additional software.

System monitoring

If necessary, monitoring of the health of all major components of the system (including monitoring the health of geographically remote elements) with automatic notification of the administrator about the failure is configured. All collected information is processed automatically.

Introduction of new network elements

The system allows you to quickly and efficiently put into operation new elements and nodes of the operator’s network. At the same time, it is possible to pre-test equipment before putting it into operation to verify the correctness and completeness of the data transmitted by it.

System architecture

The Forward TI pre-billing system is a complex multi-component solution consisting of a set of basic functional modules. These modules allow you to create different functional content to build solutions of varying complexity. The solution supports the organization of a large number of construction and layout schemes, the decision to use one scheme or another is made after studying the operator’s network topology and developing the concept of traffic collection and processing by the operator.

The system supports multi-stream data processing, which allows processing of large amounts of data arriving at the input, transforming them as necessary, and, if necessary, aggregating to the required volume. The rules for processing traffic are set using the interface and are intuitive.

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