Forward RTM

Real Time Marketing

Purpose of the system

Forward RTM is intended to expand the capabilities of the already proven products Forward CRM, Forward PC, Forward eShop. The system simplifies key sales processes, this is achieved through dynamic personalization of offers, intelligent management of cross-sales processes, and also allows the company's marketing service to use the current “profile” of the client (20-30 parameters characterizing the client as a potential buyer).

Using Forward Real Time Marketing, the company receives a number of advantages:

  • Dynamically populated CRM showcase and self-service portal.
  • Change the "showcase" offers in real time.
  • Formation and maintenance of the client’s “profile”.
  • Personalized customer offer in real time.
  • Sales growth thanks to automated event marketing up to 10%.
  • Minimal human participation in the sale and pre-sale processes.

How Forward RTM works?

1. Customer's message

The system receives an automatic request for customer information when it is accessed (for example, in an Internet bank, personal account, or application).

2. Client Profile Analysis

The RTM system instantly segments the client, analyzes its profile, current products, interests, needs and many other factors.

3. Proposal formation

The system creates a personalized offer to the client in real time based on the available information about him and the subject of his appeal.

4. Sending proposal

Displaying offers in the CRM showcase or self-service portal, or automatically sent to the client as push or SMS notifications.
The whole process takes 5-10 seconds.

What tasks Forward RTM solves?

Work with existing customer base

  • Analysis and segmentation of customer base
  • Preparation of personal offers
  • Organization and control of sales channels
  • Analysis of sales results by channels

Building strong long-term relationships with a customer

  • Analysis and assessment of customer needs
  • Cross-sales and sales of additional services
  • Development and implementation of individual scenarios
  • Performance evaluation and strategy adjustment

Attracting new customers

  • Collection and analysis of information about potential customers
  • Formation of commercial offers
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Customer retention

  • Identify and analyze the causes of customer churn
  • Formation of "protective" offers
  • Building strategic work with non-regular customers
  • Development and implementation of a return strategy for retired customers

Improving the quality of services provided

  • Evaluation of customer satisfaction with the services provided
  • Monitoring the implementation of the declared SLA
  • Providing consolidated information at different levels

Smart assistant

  • Selection of the proposal, depending on the already connected services
  • Recommendations for the use of promotional offers
  • Automatic update of client profile parameters

Examples of use


A client enters a mobile bank application and makes a payment for utility services. The system according to the customer profile reflected in the profile determines that he has a car on credit and real estate in the mortgage. According to the results of the analysis, RTM offers him to create a template for auto-payment of utility services and a car loan, and for a mortgage he will send an offer for refinancing from us on more favorable terms.

Telecom operator

A client in his personal account online pays for mobile communication or performs other actions (for example, he looks at actions that allow him to increase the amount of prepaid traffic). The system determines that the client is actively using the mobile Internet, checks whether there are offers with large Internet packages available to the client and if it finds offers to connect them.

Counter customer loss

The client makes a call to the company and wants to terminate the contract. Receiving a call, the manager initiates a corresponding call, the system analyzes the client’s “profile” and information from the call (reason for termination) and offers the manager available retention programs for the client after sorting them out. The manager offers these programs and records the backlash.


Individual settings

The system allows you to add and customize display rules for any set of parameters that are tied to various entities of the system: counterparty, contract, subscriber application, service, supplementary service. Customizable parameters can store both service information (technical parameters of one or another entity) and information used later for working with data (statuses, information parameters, calculated parameters, etc.).


You can customize the output of only offers that are relevant to the subscriber with whom the manager is currently working, in the form of pop-up flexi prompts or interfaces. And also make an address offer with an application to connect the selected offers in real time and fix the client’s reaction in them, so as not to make repeated offers if the client has already refused them. The call of these flexi-objects can be associated with various events or actions.

Service packages

Interfaces of the Forward platform allow you to create flexible rules for packaging offers, adjust the compatibility and availability of the services offered, bind products to different groups of customers (for example, on a territorial basis) or to individual pre-formed subscriber segments.

Customer profile

A client profile is a set of parameters that unambiguously characterize a client and allow the Forward RTM system to quickly make decisions and display relevant offers for a given client in showcases. A profile consists of 30 - 40 parameters both fixed and calculated on the basis of customer experience analysis.

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