We understand that the choice of an IT solution is only the beginning. To make our long-term cooperation as efficient as possible, we provide integrated technical and service support for the proposed solutions.

As practice shows, the Customer’s technical services are not always able to solve emerging problems on their own or answer questions arising during operation regarding system capabilities. Our customer service is always ready to help in difficult situations, because our priorities are the quickest elimination of software and technical problems and effective assistance in developing the technological base of the Customer.

Comprehensive support services are provided on the basis of the regulations approved by the company and the SLAs set forth in the framework of the contractual relationship with the customer. All incoming calls are registered in the specialized internal helpdesk-system, which ensures guaranteed fixation of calls, transparency of work on their implementation and multi-level quality control of service. Prioritization of incoming calls allows you to line up the order of their processing and, as a result, reduce the time to restore full-time work of business-critical elements and guarantee the maximum quality of services provided. Automatic processing of requests and multi-level control allow you to minimize the "human factor" and build a reliable service system.

Support Services


  • Systems consulting services
  • Assistance in setting up systems
  • Data analysis and recommendations for preventing possible problems
  • Prophylactic work related to the performance of critical operations (closing reporting periods, billing, etc.)

Support Operations

  • Multi-level user support
  • Localization and incident resolution
  • Operational recovery of software
  • Development of methodological recommendations based on analysis of the effectiveness of key business processes of the customer

Technical Support

  • Proactive system monitoring
  • Assistance in solving integration problems
  • Software update and help in reconfiguring the system to new features
  • Reduction of technological risks due to the simulation of difficult situations in our service laboratory

What is the point of support?

Guaranteed high level of service implemented solutions in accordance with the agreed parties SLA (Service Level Agreement)
Reducing the cost of maintaining a non-core IT company for the company and the possibility of transparent cost planning
Investment protection by minimizing business risks, the ability to invest all major resources in the development of the main product
The transfer of responsibility for the maintenance of IT systems of a profile company, which employs the most experienced specialists of the highest level

The wide experience and qualification in the tasks of implementation and maintenance of both our products and the IT infrastructure as a whole allows us to offer our customers comprehensive service programs built on the SLA of the largest companies operating in the market. We have developed three programs of service support allowing companies of almost any scale to choose the best option for themselves. If the customer provides his / her SLA option (for example, a large customer services all the systems in its IT landscape using a single SLA), we calculate the cost of an individual service support option for that customer. We are well aware of the importance of high-quality service support, therefore we are working flexibly and comprehensively with the customer on an SLA suitable for it.

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