Forward CRM

Customer Relationship Management

The purpose of the system

Forward CRM is a modern multifunctional platform designed for customer relationship management. This product is a powerful tool for improving the quality of customer service, storing the history of communication with them, analyzing and processing the information received to build targeted offers.

The scope of the system is the automation of sales business processes and customer interaction. Using Forward CRM allows you to build and optimize customer service business processes for maximum results, as well as solve a wide range of tasks facing commercial services of a modern operator.

Solvable tasks

Attracting subscribers

  • Collection and analysis of information about potential customers;
  • Segmentation of the existing base, preparation of targeted offers;
  • Organization and control of sales channels;
  • Analysis of sales results and strategy adjustment.

Improving the quality of services provided

  • Estimation of customer satisfaction with the services provided;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the declared SLA;
  • Providing consolidated information at different levels;
  • Organization of effective “feedback” channels.

Building long-term customer relationships

  • Analysis and estimation of customer needs;
  • Formation of personal sets of services;
  • Cross sales and sales of additional services;
  • Development and implementation of scenarios for working with segments.

Customer retention

  • Identification and analysis of the causes of "outflow";
  • Formation of "protective" proposals;
  • Regular monitoring and working with “non-regular customers”
  • Develop and implement a return strategy for retired customers.


Customizable system parameters

The system allows you to add and configure display rules for an arbitrary set of parameters. These parameters are linked to various entities of the system, such as the counterparty, the contract, the subscriber application, the service and the additional service. Configurable parameters can store both service information (technical parameters of an entity) and information used later for working with data (statuses, information parameters, calculated parameters, etc.).

Service package

The use of Forward PC interfaces allows you to create flexible rules for packaging offers, adjust the compatibility and availability of the services offered, bind the products you create to different groups of subscribers (for example, according to a territorial principle) or to individual pre-formed segments. This function is now the most demanded by the market, as it allows the company to promote its less popular products by including them in packages with “leaders” of sales.


The flash object configuration functionality allows you to customize the output of only those offers that are available and recommended by Forward RTM for the end customer. In fact, this function allows you to create and provide the actual "showcase" of the company's proposals. After identifying the end customer in the Forward PC system, it forms and provides the sales employee with a ready-made set of offers in the form of a Flash object. Next, the employee leading the communication with the client must voice these proposals and fix the reaction to them.

Bonus programs and accumulators

A significant marketing advantage of the Forward line is the ability to "seamlessly" customize bonus and discount programs, which are rules for calculating certain bonuses or discounts when the battery thresholds are reached. Supported bonuses can be both material and monetary, that is, the client can be provided with either “Units” (traffic, going to the movies, traveling by taxi, etc.) or he will be credited with an additional amount to the current account.

System architecture

Modern CRM systems and Forward CRM, in particular, are a grouped set of consolidated customer information necessary for its operational service and operate on the principle of "one window", that is, all information necessary for decision making is provided to the seller in a single structured form.

Forward CRM allows you to customize the output parameters in the form and sequence that is convenient for the company's sales department. This feature significantly increases the speed and quality of customer service and, as a result, affects their loyalty.

A typical example of the close integration of CRM with other systems used by the company can be considered the use of “Forward PC Showcases (Product Catalog)” in the customer's card, when the system analyzes the subscriber profile and offers the seller a filtered and sorted list of company offers available to this client. Also, when integrated with the company's call center, the system allows you to automatically open a customer card when identifying the caller by the incoming number.

The security system used in Forward CRM allows you to configure visibility and accessibility only to those objects and interfaces of the system, access to which is necessary for the user by job duties. Also, this feature allows you to differentiate access to various information on the company's branches and individual points of sale of services of the operator.

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