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Partner Relationship Management

Purpose of the system

Nowadays, more than ever, high-quality and flexible means of mutual settlements with partners are required. This is due to the fact that modern business is increasingly becoming a “partner”, companies offer complex joint products built on the service capabilities of third parties. In this regard, companies need a system that allows them to collect all the information necessary for working with partners in one place and effectively use the data collected by various systems to conduct quality settlements with them.

Forward PRM system allows you to streamline work with a large number of partners, make it transparent and manageable, build friendly conditions for partners to interact, automate accounting of service delivery by partners, implement complex settlement schemes with the help of a designer, organize automatic reconciliations with partners, automate the process of mutual settlements and reporting.

Solvable tasks

Dealing with ratings

With the appearance of several partners working in the same territory, the task of prioritizing them arises for the automatic distribution of orders between them. For this purpose, a rating system is introduced to motivate partners to better fulfill orders.

Dealing with remunerations

The calculation of complex remuneration schemes is becoming increasingly popular, this is due to the fact that modern partners no longer take% of the order, it is necessary to take into account the quality of its implementation and the degree of customer satisfaction with the result.

Dealing with penalties

In some cases, when calculating the remuneration, a system of penalties for poor execution of the order submitted for execution is applied. This is used in the case of a service from a company with a well-known brand in the market.

Analytics and Reporting

Obtaining operational reports allows the company to monitor such important indicators for it as balances in the partner’s warehouses, the number of orders taken for execution and completed, the efficiency of retail outlets, and the quality of training for the partner’s personnel.


Partner Hierarchy

The system allows you to bring the often heterogeneous partner network to a clear and transparent structure. Build a clear hierarchy, segmentation partners and assign them the appropriate status, linked to performance indicators.


The system provides customizable routing functionality for orders collected by the company through a single point (marketplace, website, call center), followed by automatic transfer to its immediate executor (regional partner).

EDR processing

The system collects and structures data about events (completed orders) from various sources. The sources can be IT partner systems. Based on EDR, Forward PRM calculates remuneration.

Remuneration calculation

The system supports complex and combined schemes for calculating partner remuneration, taking into account the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of sales plans. A specially designed constructor is used to set up reward calculation schemes.

Document flow

A set of documents is formed in the system, one part of it is aimed at providing the partner with all the necessary documentation to provide services to the end user, and the other part is all the necessary documents for mutual settlements with the partner.


Based on the performance of the company and its partners, it becomes necessary to reconcile the calculated remuneration. If any discrepancies are found, they should be analyzed and corrected, or if it is not possible to average the discrepancies found.

System architecture

The Forward PRM system is often used as a separate standalone product, integration with external sources of information is carried out both by means of file exchange and using the API. The system interface is built as a thin client; solutions of several manufacturers can be used as a DBMS and are selected based on the project objectives. Forward PRM has a modular architecture that allows you to flexibly use the functionality of the system in its various layouts:
  • perform intellectual analysis of large data arrays,
  • generate reports or prepare showcases for BI systems,
  • effectively solve the problem of correlation of heterogeneous data,
  • reduce the severity of requests for transactional systems,
  • to expand the structure of data accounting due to custom parameters,
  • implement various complex algorithms of mutual settlements,
  • form a set of documentation to provide partners,
  • setting up automatic control of changes in key indicators.

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