Forward Fusion

Online Charging System

Purpose of the system

Forward Fusion is a solution that performs the functions of balance control and tariffication of services provided, as well as their management in real time. This solution allows you to use the so-called Prepaid - a model of settlements with subscribers, this model involves making money into the account of the subscriber and their subsequent spending while consuming operator services.

Also important features of this system are support for bonus and discount balances, allowing the operator to build complex personalized tariff plans for their subscribers. The functionality implemented in the system of flexible quoting of subscriber funds allows organizing simultaneous consumption of funds by several services located on the subscriber’s single balance and does not allow him to go into the “minus” even with simultaneous consumption of several services.

The use of this solution allows operators to significantly reduce the risk of receivables when working with high-risk categories of customers.

Solvable tasks

  • Work on networks 3G, GSM, LTE, WiMAX, etc.
  • High resiliency solution (full redundancy)
  • Supported protocols CAMEL, DIAMETER
  • Horizontal scaling platform
  • High performance platform
  • Support for roaming charges
  • Formation and pricing of package offers
  • Tariffing of various VAS services
  • Uniform balancing of subscriber funds between services
  • Data synchronization with the operator's billing system


  • Support for monetary and material balance sheets at the service and contract level.
  • Multi-balance at the level of service, contract.
  • Ability to set the priority of spending monetary and material balances.
  • Tariffs of seconds, bytes, pieces (SMS, MMS).
  • Tariffs of traffic on tariff grids.
  • The ability to account for discount and bonus programs when charging traffic.
  • Charging of roaming connections (seconds, bytes, pieces).
  • Ability to lock / unlock services when a certain balance is reached.
  • Favorite numbers.
  • Charging roaming.
  • MNP subscribers tariffing.

System architecture

All Forward Fusion system components are separated and reserved, these requirements are due to the high requirements for fault tolerance for systems of this class and complexity. Moreover, redundancy is performed both at the software level and at the hardware level.

Forward Fusion integrates with the billing system, this is done to increase efficiency, increase the level of customer service and provide them with more opportunities when working with the system. The system receives from the billing system all the necessary reference information used in the billing process. Information about the charged complete connections is transmitted back to the system.

The use of the In-Memory Data Grid (Hazelcast) system allows you to store in online access both catalogs (tariff plans, services, balance configurations, etc.) and changeable data (reserves, variable balances, etc.). The system architecture supports both vertical and horizontal scalability, allowing you to increase system performance without any restrictions. Using data technology allows us to consider Forward Fusion one of the most advanced on the market.

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