Forward AMS

Account Management System

Purpose of the system

The subscriber account management system Forward AMS (AAA-server) is an element of OSS. The main purpose of this system is to organize the effective interaction of APS and switching equipment when the state of services or subscriber access parameters changes. This system allows you to change the subscriber profile on the equipment without breaking its connection. Profile management occurs in real time.

The field of application of the system is the service of telecom operators providing modern managed services. The system provides ample opportunities if the company has set itself the task of managing the services provided to the subscriber in real time.

Solvable tasks

Service packages

The system allows you to create several service packages targeted at different segment groups of subscribers and switch between them in real time.

Turbo Button

The ability to temporarily change the parameters of your connection to obtain a time-limited service at the maximum available connection speed.

Information service

Improving the quality of customer service by promptly providing them with technical information. What the subscriber is doing wrong at the time.

Quoting services

The system allows you to adjust quotas for various services, in this case, the system relies on the next quota, minimizes receivables.


Unique services

The system allows you to customize unique services and offer subscribers various packages by controlling the speed of access to one or another popular Internet resources. And bundled with the DPI-systems also conduct separate charging of the traffic consumed by these resources.

Speed control

Providing free traffic to popular instant messengers and websites with video content allows operators to provide their subscribers with modern services and successfully compete with the largest and most “advanced” companies on the market.

Profile change

The profile change can occur either automatically when a specific event occurs in the BSS, or in manual mode by the subscriber himself, for example, through the self-service portal in case of purchasing an option or if he enables the parental control option.

Authorization protocol

The system supports all major authorization protocols currently used on the market. The main protocol used in the market is RADIUS in its various modifications; also, in some large projects, DIAMETER protocol support is used.

Real-time management

All switch profiles of subscribers occur in real time, this requirement is mandatory for modern systems of this class. The subscriber’s disconnection from access to services is also performed automatically as the allocated quota is exhausted.

WiFi Roaming

Servicing WiFi networks for both public and local use imposes a number of requirements on authorization systems. Authorization by the subscriber’s mobile number is now already ubiquitous, as is roaming between several public WiFi network operators.

System architecture

Forward AMS is a complex multicomponent complex consisting of a set of functional modules. AMS_AAA (system core) - this component is fundamental and allows you to organize the joint work of all other components of the system. The core of the system is built using the most advanced technologies, allowing to organize the work of the system with a large amount of data processed, as well as organize data processing in several independent streams.

As part of the core of the system, all the logic of subscriber maintenance and authentication of the subscriber, control of statistics consumed by him, control of simultaneously used sessions, change of the subscriber service profiles, transfer of the timely command to the session breakdown are laid. IMDG Hazelcast is used for distributed storage and online access to subscriber data; NoSQL Database Tarantool is used as persist. Working with various types of equipment involves storing a large number of different parameters that characterize certain types of equipment.

The AMS Integration block is designed to integrate the system with various external systems used by the operator. By means of this unit, the functions of the exchange, the information necessary for quality and timely customer service are implemented. For example, a frequently used function is to follow a link from the SD system to Forward AMS to obtain information about the reasons for a subscriber's denial of authorization or a decrease in the speed of access caused by a profile change. Although the reverse model is also required (operational (upon request from SD) data transfer from AMS to SD system.

The Gateway DHCP block is designed to process requests from DHCP clients, find a subscriber in the desired AMS_AAA cluster, and forward responses from AMS_AAA to DHCP clients.

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