Forward eShop

Customers and Partners Selfcare Portal

Purpose of the System

Forward eShop is a modern self-service portal that allows users to independently perform a large list of actions to manage the services they use. In the modern world, the majority of users prefer to independently manage consumed services using portal technologies.

A distinctive feature of the Forward eShop is the ability to work under heavy load, that is, to withstand one-time bursts of subscriber activity. Frequently, the peak of subscriber activity falls on the first days of the month, since it is during this period that access blocking and payment occur. The system for working with subscriber bases of more than a million subscribers is deployed in a cluster design, which allows you to cope with peak loads and eliminate situations of denial of service to the subscriber.

Solvable tasks

  • providing the subscriber with self-management capabilities;
  • subscriber information service;
  • expansion of the company's ability to connect new users;
  • increasing the loyalty of existing subscribers;
  • promotion of advertising and other types of content among subscribers;
  • perform changes: a set of consumed services, a tariff plan, etc .;
  • view details and financial history;
  • rebalancing of the contract (replenishment, financial transfers);
  • to purchase Offers (offers developed by the marketing service);
  • select and control the use of various bonus programs.


Subscriber information

This block contains all the information necessary for comfortable interaction with the subscriber, his contact details, connected packages and services and their current statuses, balances on the existing accounts of both monetary and real (bonus).

Showcase product catalog

This block displays the company's offers available to this subscriber. The preparation of these proposals is carried out by the Forward PC and Forward RTM systems. The set of available offers may vary depending on the actions of the subscriber.

Service management

This block allows the subscriber to independently manage the services, both already connected and available to him for connection. The subscriber can independently connect a package of services necessary for him to travel abroad (roaming).

Payment acceptance

This block allows you to integrate the portal with various acquiring systems. At the same time, it is possible to work with both banking systems and systems that function as payment aggregators. Receipt and crediting of payments occurs in real time.

Financial history

This block displays the history of the financial relationship between the operator and the subscriber, there may be reflected bills, generated receipts for payment, as well as the history of payments made by the subscriber with the source of income.


This block displays detailed information about the services consumed by the subscriber. With large volumes this information is not displayed on the screen, but the mechanism of sending files with details to the email address specified by the subscriber is used.

System architecture

The proposed model of building portal solutions is used when the business model used by the operator implies the use of a centralized model with servicing a large number of subscribers within a single solution. In this case, the solution is built using technologies that allow you to evenly distribute the load on the subscriber self-service portal. In the case of working with large subscriber bases, the use of load-sharing technologies is a prerequisite for ensuring the quality of the services provided, both when used in normal mode and when peak loads occur. An important difference of this scheme is that in this case, the subscriber authorization and load balancing on the individual elements assembled in a cluster is carried out fully automatically.

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