Forward Billing

Certified Automated Payment System
(Convergent billing system)

Purpose of the system

Forward Billing – is a convergent billing system that is designed to automate the activities of telecom operators of various sizes and account for the consumption of telecommunication resources in distributed corporate networks. Forward Billing is certified for 25,000,000 subscribers and supports the full range of services of a modern telecom operator.

The system is a serious tool for the formation of integrated balanced market offers (packages and products) in the telecommunications market. In addition to charging various types of services and charging traffic, the use of Forward Billing allows a modern telecom operator to conduct flexible and high-quality mutual settlements with its subscribers, create and implement flexible loyalty programs, create competitive market offers, quickly respond to offers issued by competitors.

On the application map of a modern telecommunication operator, Forward Billing, as a rule, occupies the position of the operator's infrastructure core, and the flexible integration interface allows you to organize high-quality interfaces with various systems used by the operator (CRM, SD, technical accounting, financial system, etc.).

For large corporate Customers, the billing system Forward Billing offers a set of functionality that allows you to significantly optimize the costs of services due to a wide range of corporate quota programs for consumed services, separation of personal and work traffic, a flexible system for generating analytical intra-company reporting.

Solvable tasks


Modern companies need to simultaneously charge and keep records of various services, among which there are often services serviced by different models, such as advance (money in advance) and credit (money on the fact of rendering services).


Working in the markets of several countries and interacting with a large number of foreign partners, the company has the task of conducting mutual settlements with them in various currencies, and it is often necessary to combine various settlement options.

Batch Billing

This task is for all those who have more than one service in their portfolio. Many companies try to offer packages of services to the market or enter such packages to larger partners, this method allows to balance the demand for the offered services.


The multi-balance of the services provided allows the company to configure complex options for the distribution and consumption of subscriber funds for the various services it uses, to build a hierarchy between them and to set rules for prioritizing replenishment.


Customizable system parameters

The billing system allows you to add and configure mapping rules for an arbitrary set of parameters. These parameters are linked to various entities of the system, such as the counterparty, the contract, the subscriber application, the service and the additional service. Configurable parameters can store both service information (technical parameters of an entity) and information used later for working with data (statuses, information parameters, calculated parameters, etc.).

Service package

Convergent billing system allows to group and package the services offered by the operator according to the customized rules for the mutual use of these services. The service storage structure used in the system allows the operator to unify and standardize integrated service delivery schemes, which, in turn, significantly reduces the development time and launch of new offers on the market. Also, this functionality allows you to promote less demanded services within the package.


The Forward Billing automated settlement system uses the so-called piecewise-smooth model, which has proven itself as part of the solutions of leading Western manufacturers. This method provides a wide range of opportunities to support various pricing schemes used by modern operators. Flexible settings of tariff plans in a friendly interface with support for versioning storage allow you to quickly bring unique offers to the market, while preserving their entire history.


The Forward Billing system supports the simultaneous use of multiple balances (monetary and real) linked to different entities. The system allows you to configure the priority of the use and replenishment of certain balances for the implementation of flexible pricing and marketing policies.

Accumulator, Bonus

One of the marketing advantages is the ability to configure accumulators in the system - special objects that can keep records and control the accumulation of individual indicators. Customizable accumulator thresholds are used later in the bonus programs for the accrual of certain bonuses.

Invoice designer

The invoice designer implemented in the system allows the company to customize the process of generating primary documentation in accordance with the accounting policies approved by the company. The system allows you to customize various options for aggregation of account lines depending on the task of the company.
Due to these properties, as well as flexible interface configuration and wide integration capabilities, besides billing for telecommunications providers, Forward Billing automated billing system is used in other industries as well as billing for utilities, call centers, flexible agent schemes and payment processing.

System architecture

Automated billing system Forward Billing is a complex multicomponent complex consisting of a set of functional modules. The modular architecture allows the operator to use a personal set of modules necessary for the implementation of business tasks facing him at the moment and gradually increase opportunities as the company develops and the range of services offered.

An important architectural feature of the system is the multithreading of processes critical for the load on the system, as well as the possibility of their physical separation into separate servers (horizontal scaling of the system).

The system has an API that allows you to quickly integrate Forward Billing into the existing infrastructure of the operator. This opportunity concerns both integration with business applications used and various technical platforms with the help of which subscribers are serviced.

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